#1 Poetry – I Promise (2010)

I can’t say… That I will never leave you in the roadway

All by your own…

But I promise that I will try my level best to hold your hand

As long as I can



I can’t say…  That I will support you in any situation

That you’ll be in

But I promise… That I won’t let any situation

Come between us



I can’t say… That you will be the only charming special girl

In my life

But I promise… That every girl coming into my life

Will remind me of you



I can’t say… That I will change my path, my dreams

Just for you

But I promise… That wherever I’ll go inside my heart

I’ll be just with you



I can’t say… That ahead rests a beautiful life for you

And I never will

But I promise… That whatever is ahead in our life,

We’ll face it together



I can’t say… That I will die without you

Because that’s Just a lie

But I promise… That if you’ll leave me I will live

A life without MY LIFE

#1 Sanjay Leela Bhansali – Guzaarish (2010)

“I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains.”
~ Anne Frank

This film was not to be missed while it was in theatres. Mostly because of Hrithik Roshan’s well appreciated performance. It was my fortune that today I ran into the idea of watching the film and I had it in my collection.

The film does not spend a lot of time in exposition at the start. We travel with the lead character and go back and forth in his memories till the very end to learn more about his condition. The first watershed moment – when Ethan decides to/ files his petition came to me a little earlier than I had thought. But of course with a powerful title sequence, the inability to control on Ethan’s life was justified.

Hrithik spends most of the time on the bed or on the wheelchair. The little while when he dreams about his past or his non-existent present, are moments to cherish. Through a perfect cast of the protagonist, the makers were able to achieve the vast void between what could have been and what there actually is.

My father argues that SLB treats his film like visual poetry. He indulges himself in the look of the film and the treatment to such great depths that the story has to compromise.

Sophia (Played by Aishwarya Rai) intrigued me the most. And I believe it was recognized with a Filmfare nomination for the best actress as well. Besides that so many characters, including the protagonist lacked the And that is where maybe the movie fails to grip the audience. And I wonder what a great risk it would be to make such a film. And how much conviction it would take to pursue making films in such a manner.

I learnt more about the characters from the frames and compositions rather than what came out of their mouth or what they did in the film. Cinema is a visual medium and the justice to the script, whether it is cinematography wise or shot selection wise is highly commendable.

As I contemplate some more, it makes me wonder about the uncertainty of our existence. A man, who has conquered everything, is just waiting to crumble someday and he does, to such a high beyond measure. We live in a world that is a mere delusion of control. We are as handicapped as Ethan. We are unable to control circumstances. Realising this, at least at once, I value my fragile life a little more.