#7 Poetry – I Fall Down (2010)

There is some confusion underneath

Some doubts, some questions lying beneath

Some things which make me tumble down

And that is the point when I FALL DOWN


There is some point of time

When all problems cut their mime

Each second just deepens the wound

And that’s the second when I FALL DOWN


Wait a second, you know what I think?

Life has become so bore, just in a blink

Just a moment back, I was walking in a lawn

Lightning struck me and I did FALL DOWN


Why didn’t everything happen as I expected?

Oh God, don’t you have mercy for the creature you created

Why did you break my heart just when it started beating?

Oh Pretty Bitch, you must be so proud after annihilating

Why the efforts didn’t count, “They weren’t enough”?

Oh Mr. Perfect is the journey of our dreams that tough?

Situation my friend! It makes the king loose his crown

It makes me bow and I FALL DOWN



After all this trauma, I wonder why aren’t I dead?

Even after breaking bones, tearing muscles and all bloodshed

I’ve started collecting broken pieces and rising on new ground

And that’s the Fucking reason, I REFUSE TO FALL DOWN

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