Such a #Brilliant Children’s Book- Shark Tanked by David Noah Kittle-Pals

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The blurb reads

When eleven year old Robert Bailey arrived at his family cottage near Lake Michigan, he expected a normal summer vacation: sand castles, thunderstorms, and mosquitoes. After discovering a treasure chest in an online video game, Robert and his best friend, George Ellison, go on a scuba diving adventure into the Great Lake. On their way to the water, they wander into an old red lighthouse. After an accident breaks a hole into the floor, they discover an underground labyrinth of tunnels, harboring a dark secret. Robert and George must figure out how to save the Lake from the tortured mind of an evil genius.

shark tanked

I’ve read a lot of books till now. And I’ve loved stories and storytelling since I was a kid. And this book, has very clearly blown my socks off.

When you read a book, you expect the writer to be a certain age…

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