#Crowdfunding- Príncipe 69 by Hannah Imbert

Crowdfunding Campaign #1

What do we know of Cuba today? Nothing more than Castro maybe. Or the cigars. Hannah makes a brave effort to talk about Cuba as a forgotten land.

Her trailer and the slow pace immediately attracted me to it and I found the crowdfunding page.

Here is what Hannah says about herself and

Príncipe 69

My name is Hannah Imbert, I am young, immigrant and a filmmaker. Making movies is my own way of communicating, of saying, of calling the attention about something or on someone.

“Príncipe 69” will be, if youhelp me out, a feature film about Cuba. About an island that is left alone, aging in time without makeup.

Perhaps, there is no sea in this story, nor royal palms that sway in the morning breeze, or happy elderly, but there are truths of those that break down walls and cross borders.

I am Hannah and  just for a moment, I want everyone to watch this island from the distance. The island that was left behind at  90 miles away;  although we  drag Cuba into every thought we have  or inhale its presence in every breath we take.

Here is the trailer for the film

Interesting, isn’t it?

Hannah is passionate about cinema. And Cuba. She says,

The cinema is the art that reaches out to a greater scope of people. Huge castings include amongst them, technitians, actors, electricists, cooks, drivers.

For these reasons we need your help, each cent makes the difference. The world grows and becomes more expensive by the minute and technology seems to win over this race for being better. Everything in this convulsed world is  about money.

“Join the artist”, might ring as a communist slogan, but it’s just a realistic theme. If you wonder what I offer in return could start by saying that a work of art, a piece of a country that will survive us all and time, but I’d rather tell you about specific things.

You can have a huge photograph of Havana in your living room, a poster signed by actors who will tell in their own voices this story. I offer you memories and also to be part of it.

You can find her crowdfunding campaign HERE!!


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