#Crowdfunding – Financial Freedom Once & For All

Financial Freedom For All from John Burke on Vimeo.

The Spiritual Workout is an intensive course committed to solving the chronic financial struggle with massive amounts of higher consciousness. The talented team which includes the producer Steven Morrison, director John Burke, PRO Delilah De La Rosa are planning on making a video documentary that will show us how to change and how we think about financial stress and struggle.

The film plans to cover 40 people in the timespan of 21 weeks and changing the way they think using the following 15 concepts, collectively known as Spiritual Workout®

It is a practice that solves problems by using these universally spiritual concepts:

  •    Be Compassionate
  •    Beliefs Matter
  •    Be Present
  •    Choices Abound
  •    Everything Is Energy
  •    Have An Attitude of Gratitude
  •    Intentions Matter
  •    Judgments Separate Us
  •    Listen to Inspiration
  •    Mind and Body Are Connected
  •    Take Responsibility
  •    The Law of Attraction Is Always On
  •    We Are All Connected
  •    We Are Here for a Reason
  •    We Belong to the Planet, Not the Planet to Us

If we search on the Internet, there is no shortage of “abundance” information out there for people who are struggling financially. But how to actually apply them in our day-to-day lives? How can we make them work towards achieving our goals? The film will show us how…

The audience for this film is massive and mainstream due to the universal experience of financial hardship. The topics covered in the film will definitely help people who are in a bad financial condition and also the people who are doing well for themselves but wish to create a better society. The film aims to teach the people who struggle financially to create financial freedom for themselves. And more importantly how one can keep hope in the time of financial struggle.

The project plans to find answers to the following questions:

  • How easy or difficult will it be for people to change their perspectives?
  • Where are the blocks and how do we eliminate them?
  • What is/isn’t common to all of us who engage this process?
  • What impact will the support of community have on the unfolding?
  • With whom will we/won’t we connect and relate?
  • What will happen to the relationships of people in the cohort?
  • How many others will learn as a result of watching the finished documentary?

The first phase of crowdfunding is still on which plans to secure a San Francisco/Bay Area location, design a set, hire a crew, recruit our cohort of 40 participants, and shoot the first four to six weeks of the documentary. They have set a target of $43,500 and there are multiple perks to choose from. The perks include – getting your name in the list of Special Thanks in the film credits, ways to learn more about Spiritual Workout, as well as opportunities to peek behind-the-scenes.

We are on the verge to flip the calendar and emerge ourselves into a new year. We are surrounded by resolutions and all of us would like to learn some great techniques to do better financially. And there can be no better alternative than this!

So be a part of this groundbreaking and inspiring documentary and visit the Financial Freedom Once & For All campaign site here, where you can become eligible to receive great perks from the creators of this documentary.

Indiegogo campaign


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