C for Chilling, C for Commendable- Too Dark to Sleep by Dianne Gallagher

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The blurb reads,

Time to wake up…

Maggie Quinn was the top homicide detective in Chicago’s Area One before she suffered a devastating loss. Now Quinn is damaged… perhaps beyond repair. Once the best detective in Chicago, she is haunted by dreams of a faceless man she could never catch. When the killer returns, Quinn agrees to serve as a consultant, but most cops in Area One tag her as a hazard. Except rookie detective Nick Dublowski who quickly realizes the only way the Chicago Police will catch this elusive killer is with the help of Maggie Quinn.

Back on the job, Quinn becomes as tenacious and sharp as ever. But as the investigation closes in on a suspect, the escalating murders hit dangerously close to home. Quinn’s sanity again begins to fray and her judgment is questioned. Did the suspect really do it? Or is Maggie’s tormented mind pushing…

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Dark Awakening: A Star Wars Fan Film

What is so great about Star Wars? I think Star Wars introduced us to a whole new Universe with limitless possibilities. There are plenty of characters and there are plenty of sub-plots which are completely untouched. And your creativity is the limit when it comes to developing any idea that revolves around the Universe. And that is exactly what the makers of “Dark Awakening: A Star Wars Fan Film” have done over here… What this film is about? Check this out!

4,000 thousand years ago an ancient and powerful artifact capable of amplifying the dark side present in any force user to terrifying levels went missing and was presumed lost…until now. Its location has been discovered by the Sith on a remote planet and is theirs for the taking. All they have to do is defeat a small group of Jedi who have settled there. But, when the Sith Witch who created it returns to reclaim it an ancient battle resumes with the fate of the galaxy resting in the winner.

I really loved the overall make-up and the costumes of the actors. Considering working on a low budget could be tough especially when it comes to producing something as grand as Star Wars, the person in-charge of these two departments has really managed to impress me. The Sith characters and also all the Jedis were very close to what the original series introduced us to. And that really helped me get a grip on the plot of the film. And yes! Tia Cherie Polite was awesome Lady Fatale!

The very first shot of a spaceship really intrigued me. But I felt that was the best shot of the film. Josh Kearney’s presence as Darth Evicerus does a great job to carry the film through a confusing back story and set-up while we struggle to accept the action being anyway close to appearing credible. The visual effects of the film are not bad but I feel the film lacks the sense of what a good edit can do to a movie.

The film is a really brave attempt to achieve a compelling storyline based on some of the characters briefly introduced in the original Star Wars series. The screenplay does an exceptional job of incorporating this film into the pre-existing and percolating Star Wars cinematic universe. At some times, I felt overall the storyline, the effects and the sound of the film could have been much better. Even the performances. But I chose to overlook these facts considering the honest attempt by the makers. I hope this film receives a great response and the makers choose to bring us a sequel to this with greater cinematic scope. As the 7th installment to the original Star Wars film franchise is set to release in the month of December this year, I have decided to watch as many fan made short films based on Star Wars as I can. It will just get me more and more excited about the film that all of us have been waiting for so long!

The film, bounces with the energy of pure invention. Although there are a few flaws, I had more fun watching Dark Awakening than I’ve had in a long time. I hope we get to see more from the makers of this film…

Don’t forget to check out the film over here https://www.facebook.com/DarkAwakeningFilm http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3726058/