#Him (Almost Tiny Tales #1)

Let Go and Write!

Almost Tiny Tales #1

(Almost Tiny Tales : My personal Challenge to blog about a #word atleast twice a week. The key is to keep the story word count less than 200 words and use the #word only 3 times)

Word for the day: #him

Don’t get emo so soon my love!! I’m with you”, He said

I couldn’t help but sniff a little at his words. We’d been away for so long, missing times, missing memories.

It was harsh, this feeling of utter and complete loss. I tried to make #him stay, but time was not on my side. I willed myself to stay still but everytime I looked at him, I could feel my eyes pricking and my throat paining. All I wanted to do was cuddle and hide my face somewhere. Yet he managed to pick me out every time I tried to hide my tears.


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