So, here I am; again with the daunting task of describing myself. Others may differ but I find this portion very confusing. Ask me to give a take about Pluto’s claim of being a planet or maybe about how The Godfather may not be the greatest film ever made. Completely irrelevant as these two examples may sound but that is the point. Ask me about anything not relevant to my own being and I can manage to get my opinion across. Simply because all my life I have been looking through this tiny window at the world in front of me. No matter how much you try you can’t retrospect without certain biases. So here I am, giving you some facts and leaving the task of describing me, to you.

Cinephile | Film Maker | Photographer | Student of Life

Mumbai, India.

This is what I am today. And I am ever evolving.


And hey! That’s me in the picture! But I look even better in person 🙂

contact me on and let’s discuss your big idea!


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watching, making and learning cinema. enjoying the process

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