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#Crowdfunding – Financial Freedom Once & For All

Financial Freedom For All from John Burke on Vimeo.

The Spiritual Workout is an intensive course committed to solving the chronic financial struggle with massive amounts of higher consciousness. The talented team which includes the producer Steven Morrison, director John Burke, PRO Delilah De La Rosa are planning on making a video documentary that will show us how to change and how we think about financial stress and struggle.

The film plans to cover 40 people in the timespan of 21 weeks and changing the way they think using the following 15 concepts, collectively known as Spiritual Workout®

It is a practice that solves problems by using these universally spiritual concepts:

  •    Be Compassionate
  •    Beliefs Matter
  •    Be Present
  •    Choices Abound
  •    Everything Is Energy
  •    Have An Attitude of Gratitude
  •    Intentions Matter
  •    Judgments Separate Us
  •    Listen to Inspiration
  •    Mind and Body Are Connected
  •    Take Responsibility
  •    The Law of Attraction Is Always On
  •    We Are All Connected
  •    We Are Here for a Reason
  •    We Belong to the Planet, Not the Planet to Us

If we search on the Internet, there is no shortage of “abundance” information out there for people who are struggling financially. But how to actually apply them in our day-to-day lives? How can we make them work towards achieving our goals? The film will show us how…

The audience for this film is massive and mainstream due to the universal experience of financial hardship. The topics covered in the film will definitely help people who are in a bad financial condition and also the people who are doing well for themselves but wish to create a better society. The film aims to teach the people who struggle financially to create financial freedom for themselves. And more importantly how one can keep hope in the time of financial struggle.

The project plans to find answers to the following questions:

  • How easy or difficult will it be for people to change their perspectives?
  • Where are the blocks and how do we eliminate them?
  • What is/isn’t common to all of us who engage this process?
  • What impact will the support of community have on the unfolding?
  • With whom will we/won’t we connect and relate?
  • What will happen to the relationships of people in the cohort?
  • How many others will learn as a result of watching the finished documentary?

The first phase of crowdfunding is still on which plans to secure a San Francisco/Bay Area location, design a set, hire a crew, recruit our cohort of 40 participants, and shoot the first four to six weeks of the documentary. They have set a target of $43,500 and there are multiple perks to choose from. The perks include – getting your name in the list of Special Thanks in the film credits, ways to learn more about Spiritual Workout, as well as opportunities to peek behind-the-scenes.

We are on the verge to flip the calendar and emerge ourselves into a new year. We are surrounded by resolutions and all of us would like to learn some great techniques to do better financially. And there can be no better alternative than this!

So be a part of this groundbreaking and inspiring documentary and visit the Financial Freedom Once & For All campaign site here, where you can become eligible to receive great perks from the creators of this documentary.

Indiegogo campaign


#Crowdfunding – The Perfect Circle

When I think about the portrayal of autism in films, I think of “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” or “Rain Man”. While doing some more research about my upcoming independent film, I stumbled upon this:

When it came to the pre-production of the film, the makers have been thorough and careful. After finalizing the idea, the makers decided to wait for 2 more years till the film was actually ready to move on for production. And this fact deserves everyone’s respect. These guys over here are not bunch of newbies taking out there cameras and shooting the first thing that comes in front of the lens. There is a deep thought behind the film. Plus, this movie actually has an author of a Critics’ Choice Bestselling novel named Cruz Orman. So kudos to that!

To summarize the film, it is based on a 17 year old boy named Charles who happens to struggle with autism. Charles’s life begins to unravel after witnessing a tragic event that happens upon an unlikely, confident, impulsive New York Times Critics’ Choice Award Winning Author. Two of them form a pair and go on a jam-packed journey through street chases and increasing adversity leads to further chaos. It sounds like a completely different subject bringing together two misfits, having lots of adventures.

A good cast can make a good film great. And this film definitely has a great cast to assure the authenticity of it.

“Charles” is played by the Bloodwood Cannibals star Nathan Anthony Carter. The film Bollywood Cannibals is currently now #59 on Amazon Prime “Popular Movies” section.

“Saphire” (Sister of “Luke”) is played by Chalet Lizette. She has performed in westerns, drama, psychological thrillers, horror, comedy and many more. In 2015 She is already going to be releasing a film with Danny Trejo.

And Catherine Stand will be making her debut here as Charles’s sister.

The whole purpose of this film with such an important subject is that the makers don’t want people to take the subject so lightly. The makers believe that families can really come to appreciate the morals we are going to project in this movie.

The Perfect Circle is a film brought to you by G.M.H. It is a unique film that shows great potential. The creators of The Perfect Circle are raising funds through crowdfunding. Their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will help them start production of The Perfect Circle Movie. So be a part of this groundbreaking new and innovative film and visit the The Perfect Circle campaign site here, where you can become eligible to receive great perks from the creators of this new independent film.

And because I simply loved this line –

*Pledging will really make a difference for someone around Christmas time. (so why not add their name under a “producer” credit)?


Facebook page

YouTube video


#Crowdfunding – THE NAPOLEON: A Story of Artillery’s Evolution

As much as gunpowder and gasoline is interesting to watch on screen, the making of such a legendary weapon is always an interesting story. At the beginning of the Civil War, the Napoleon, the Model 1857 light 12-pounder gun, was the state-of-the-art.

And just like any other modern revolutionary invention, the story of this gun is full of twists and turns: politics, technology, wars, and memorable characters. The Executive Producer of the film, Robert L. Silverman wanted to tell this story ever since he helped restore a 1861 Napoleon at the National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey. And when a person with such a keen interest in the subjects takes up a project like this, you can place your bets on it!

The documentary intends to describe the Napoleon’s design, capabilities, and place in history. It will let the audience experience all the movement, fire, smoke and sounds that the artillerists did while in battle. The subject so intense and interesting needs to be well researched to be the best of its kind, and it will definitely be.

It is surely going to be a documentary that will make some serious buzz in the historical and military weapon space.

This month the creator of this documentary started raising funds through the innovative use of crowdfunding. His crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo will help him produce a high quality documentary and will allow him to film on location and to pay for first rate production and post-production work.

Raising money for a subject that requires such an intense amount of research followed by hours and hours of meticulous execution is not an easy task. That is why I want to use my Blog to promote such ventures that are ambitious and different from the redundant world of cinema. And if you feel that such new subjects should someday reach the theaters near you, this is your chance…

So what are you waiting for? Be a part of this groundbreaking new and innovative documentary and visit the The Napoleon-A Story Of Artillery’s Evolution campaign site here, where you can become eligible to receive great perks from the creator of this new historical documentary!

Link to the YouTube video

Link to the Crowdfunding campaign

#Crowdfunding- Lost Angeles by Leonardo Leon

Film making is not just going out there and pointing your camera at the first thing that pops in front of you. No. Film making is the greatest illusion created by human to convey a story, portray the world; through his eyes. And the feature film Lost Angeles by Leonardo Leon explores how people lose everything in search of their Hollywood Dream.

You can watch the video over here.

The film is directed and co-created by Leonardo Leon. By looking at the video the film looks very promising with a sense of redemption towards the end. It is definitely going to be a film that will make you think about a lot of things that we take for granted, once again. The protagonist of the film, being a college dropout comes to Los Angeles to fulfill her modelling dreams. But not all dreams are meant to convert into reality. The protagonist takes us on a journey to show us the real “Hollywood” as she becomes homeless.

A very interesting fact about the film is that the crew, during the filming actually stayed with the homeless people of Los Angeles; to discover more about their lives. The actors and director left their apartments for the streets to accurately capture this reality on film. The characters in the film actually interact with real people during the film, giving a more natural and realistic feel to the film.

There seems to be a sense of irony to the concept of the film. The city of Los Angeles features some of the richest stars in Hollywood. At the same time there are innumerable people who fight for their basic needs, every single day. And all of this happens in a very close proximity. This is a wonderful attempt to capture the contrast and surely gets a thumbs up from my end.

There are many Academy Award winning films out there who appear to highlight a sensitive issue. But in fact just showcase poverty in some developing countries and make money out of it. Lost Angeles is not one of those films. The makers actually want to help them. The makers have promised to donate 10% of your contribution to shelters around the Los Angeles Area. If contributions pass the $50,000 mark they will donate 15% of the donations. From the Heart Productions also makes it possible for contributors to make a 100% certified tax deductible contribution. And this fact has attracted me even more towards this project.

So what are you waiting for? Be a part of this groundbreaking new and moving project and visit the Lost Angeles campaign site here, where you can become eligible to receive great perks from the creators of the this new feature film.

#Crowdfunding- Maverics by Austin Ludwig

Crowdfunding Campaign #2

This film explores Creative Rejection, which in itself, is an ambitious goal to achieve.

The trailer uploaded on [Vimeo is Austin’s crowdfunding campaign and a small glimpse into the film.

Austin is looking at an ambitious goal of raising over $8,000 but has various perks and returns in case you decide to sponsor his film.

Check out his Crowdfunding Campaign Here!


#Crowdfunding- Príncipe 69 by Hannah Imbert

Crowdfunding Campaign #1

What do we know of Cuba today? Nothing more than Castro maybe. Or the cigars. Hannah makes a brave effort to talk about Cuba as a forgotten land.

Her trailer and the slow pace immediately attracted me to it and I found the crowdfunding page.

Here is what Hannah says about herself and

Príncipe 69

My name is Hannah Imbert, I am young, immigrant and a filmmaker. Making movies is my own way of communicating, of saying, of calling the attention about something or on someone.

“Príncipe 69” will be, if youhelp me out, a feature film about Cuba. About an island that is left alone, aging in time without makeup.

Perhaps, there is no sea in this story, nor royal palms that sway in the morning breeze, or happy elderly, but there are truths of those that break down walls and cross borders.

I am Hannah and  just for a moment, I want everyone to watch this island from the distance. The island that was left behind at  90 miles away;  although we  drag Cuba into every thought we have  or inhale its presence in every breath we take.

Here is the trailer for the film

Interesting, isn’t it?

Hannah is passionate about cinema. And Cuba. She says,

The cinema is the art that reaches out to a greater scope of people. Huge castings include amongst them, technitians, actors, electricists, cooks, drivers.

For these reasons we need your help, each cent makes the difference. The world grows and becomes more expensive by the minute and technology seems to win over this race for being better. Everything in this convulsed world is  about money.

“Join the artist”, might ring as a communist slogan, but it’s just a realistic theme. If you wonder what I offer in return could start by saying that a work of art, a piece of a country that will survive us all and time, but I’d rather tell you about specific things.

You can have a huge photograph of Havana in your living room, a poster signed by actors who will tell in their own voices this story. I offer you memories and also to be part of it.

You can find her crowdfunding campaign HERE!!