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#1 Write up – A rendezvous with LUCK (2010)

And then, it was me…

Again locked in my closet… Broken, shattered & defeated. Why me? I asked myself, “Where did you go wrong to deserve this? Exactly where all the diligence and inclination were short? Why jubilation was not the end of your story?”

Whatever is the situation let it be a minor prick or a major “Heart-Stopping” injury. Whenever defeat comes into the path, the aftereffects are the same as asserted above.

Maybe it simply doesn’t matter how much you strive, you are helpless. You are bounded to stay back. You are required to finish last. You are supposed to take the punches on your face and be kicked out. “IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY”. Because the deciding factor, is not in your hand. You have no control over your LUCK!

After coming across this devastating reality, and referring best dictionaries to know the meaning (REAL MEANING) of luck, I found that luck is something that happens by chance. According to this, my birth was by chance. How the hell was I accepted at the womb’s gate out of a million applicants? I hope I didn’t pay some sort of bribe at that point of time. (I HOPE.) From the slightest bend to the enormous swerve, everything till now was somewhat effected by chance, and so it will be in every later stage.

Knowing this one may conclude that fortunes will just come looking for us though we sit on a couch. And I am certainly unable to prove this theory wrong. But however, a four-leaf clover is of no use for a man who cannot count. According to what I have understood, luck is when opportunity rings your bell and you say, “Hello”! And the only quite predictable thing about this phenomenon is if one wants to be lucky, he must take more chances… be more active… and make even the mighty ‘almighty’ shock and awe by his perseverance.

Thinking about almighty, I recalled a very wonderful theory of balance. Everything in your life strikes balance in the end. It means, the granddaddy of all C.A.s, (The God) will tally our balance sheet with all fortunes and misfortunes. If you feel you are having a very bad luck, have faith. It will change. If you feel, you are having a very good luck, be ready. IT WILL CHANGE.

The destiny written by the unknown always has something unpredictable in store.

And the best or the worst thing is you don’t have to do anything.

You just have to keep breathing. Who knows, what LUCK may bring on the shore!

(COURTESY: Rtr. Tanay Iyer for giving me an opportunity to write for one of the best projects this year, “Expresso!”)