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#2 Reblogs – Things that ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ teach you

Well, you see a lot of these troll posts these days. I found this one by MTV India exceptionally hilarious.

Go check out!

#4 Excerpts – It is not just a watch, a legacy! (Pulp fiction)

“So he hid it in the one place he knew he could hide something: his ass. Five long years, he wore this watch up his ass. Then, he died of dysentery. He gave me the watch. I hid this uncomfortable piece of metal up my ass, two years. Then, after seven years, I was sent home to my family. And now, little man, I give the watch to you.”

~ Captain Koons (Christopher Walken)

The greatest way to pass on family heirlooms!

Watch the video here.