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#9 Poetry – Thorns

Would it be easy if winter was warmer,
Snow came down in summer so hot?
Would we realise the worth of a rainfall,
Would the wait be worth a shot?

I stand against a well lit wall,
I stare at a void dark blind
My puny thorns are growing inwards,
Don’t look at them if you be so kind

Sooner or later, I will flourish!

#4 Poetry – Identity of I (2011)

Identity is not what I promise others

Identity is what I do when I am alone

Identity is what I think of others

Knowing all the hatred they’ve shown


Identity is what every wound reminds me

Identity is what I learn and what I pass by

Identity is what I see in the mirror

After giving my best try


Identity is what I make out of my given chance

Identity is what I accept and what I deny

No one else has control over me

Life is about me, and what I identify