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#1 Christopher Nolan – Inception

“It’s only when we wake up, we realise something was strange.”

Inception is ranked 13th in the IMDb top 250 list.

It was the master of Suspense, Sir Alfred Hitchcock who said that you need three things to make a great film; a good script, a good script, a good script. In today’s era if you have a team good enough to create a breathtaking audio visual experience for the audience, you have a perfect recipe for a blockbuster.

No idea is novel enough. There are similarities between the plot of The Matrix and Inception beyond one can imagine. There are only seven basic plots in the world. Yet, we have a new apocalypse movie every year. We do enjoy indulgence in the subjects we already love.

Even in such a redundant plot of creativity, films like Inception stand out. Why exactly? The secret lies in the details. Easter Eggs are one thing but the intricacy in which all the subplots are interwoven. A golden rule of making films is everything should have a reason; cause and action. Nothing happens without a cause and every cause has some or the other consequence. If any line, if any shot, if any reaction is not essential for the story to unfold, it is not worthy of the audiences’ time.

I learnt this lesson while making my recent short film for the 16th Mumbai Film Festival. Usually while writing a film we tend to immerse ourselves into the dialogues.With more and more emphasis on words than visuals. Then comes the job of a director. Who takes over the hard copy from the writer and converts it into a visual medium. Often important scenes and even characters need to be left aside in order to be honest to the time constrains and for an effective presentation of the story.

A fellow blogger has explained the whole story of Inception on his wordpress blog. And I thought he is the best person who can explain it to you. Here is the link.

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