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#11 Poetry – Humble

When I look at those tiny ants,
helplessly crawling
towards the sweets I dropped on earth
I bring my toe right on top of them,
I pity their humble existence
as a small step would result in a disaster for them.

I wonder, if this is what it feels
to be God
and right then,
a deep voice echoes in my ears
‘wake up, you have a test today’
and I come back to my humble existence.

The ultimate power is in the right hands!

Q: Why Do We Call It Making Love?

It’s because love is not just a feeling of affection
It’s just like a roller coaster ride
With all its twists and turns and ups and downs
And two people coming together have to cross the ocean of fire
Together… By holding their hands, all the time
And one should be aware that there would be some moments
When a thought will strike him as lightning
‘Why the hell am I with you? …
I should be just alone…’
But he should know that they are better together
Whenever one thinks of quitting
He must take a pause… And rewind a little… And ask…
Why did we come so far?
Aren’t those memories worth memorizing?
Then all these thoughts will start disappearing
Why do we call it making love?
Because love is not just a feeling of affection
It’s a task… Of making impossible, possible!
Holding hands in the worst times
And MAKING the best of it!

#10 Poetry – Supposedly

How easy it is to get distracted when you’re NOT supposed to get distracted
How easy it is to fall for someone you’re NOT supposed to fall for
How easy it is to do things that are frowned upon by others

If all of us are such rebels
and if all of us know that
then why don’t they teach us
to do things we’re not supposed to do
so instead of doing things
that we’re not supposed
to do we will do things
that we are supposed to,
I suppose.


#9 Poetry – Alone… Somewhat (2012)

Here I found myself again, following my feet
Which bring me to the seashore
Here… The sky and the ground, waves and the shore meet
I look at the cloudy heaven, about to pour

It is strange, sitting on this salty land
With nobody beside you besides emptiness
You stretch your hand in the silken sand
All you find around is complete loneliness

Yes, there are people around, like always there are
Sharing the same room, bench, bed
But no matter how close they seem they are far
In the end it is only you who face what lies ahead

With open ears, there are all sorts of noises around
With an open heart, you have just your music, your own sound.

#8 Poetry – Desert Rose (2013)

She walks through the roads full of people unknown. Silently.
She holds her bag tightly. Hoping it would give her some warmth.
Other side of the road is her college. She crosses and hears the bell ring.
A signal for her to wear that fake smile. Yet again.

She has friends. They gossip. They giggle. A lot. Till some point.
Then she draws herself away. To her only companion. The corner.
She looks outside the window. Through the rusted bars.
Golden light finds her. Her eyes sparkle. She looks magical.

She waits till the class gets empty. She packs her bag. Silently.
While climbing down she slips. We hear a thud. We laugh. So does she.
She quickly wipes that tear we fail to notice. An artist.
Life has taught her to laugh at herself. But not to be happy about it.

A heart of the size of her fist. Yet how many secrets she accommodates!
What lies in the darkness behind those sparkling eyes?
Would anyone have the vision to uncover?
Can anyone, at all, look beyond the mirage and save that desert rose?

#6 Poetry – When words fail (2010)

So new is this feeling

Writing the message nth time

And on the next second… Deleting


So much I have got to say

But the only god damn question is

Will I possibly find a way?


No idea where am I heading

But I carry a single ticket

That ugly truth left me shredding


Last statement didn’t make me glad

As I just realized

Expressing feelings was an idea so bad


It’s becoming even more uncertain

Wonder why

Doesn’t “Something” have a hold button?


Bloody whole rhyme is so lame

Didn’t find a way out

Just hardened the game


Difficulties and hitches are true

But when you’ll need me

My presence will be felt by you


The end is always marked by a sigh

I can’t wave you back

It’s too hard to say goodbye……..

#5 Poetry – 24 Hours Passed Now (2010)

Any festival like this and your phone starts buzzing

As it would be right now

But will you be awaiting my message somehow?

Never planned to irritate you… Make you so blue

But today I missed someone… I hope you did too

24 hours passed now and not a word from your end

Shut up and keep quiet is the lesson to comprehend

Days which passed were truly amazing

But that time is now, only left for memorizing

Aren’t I a total idiot, sitting on earth and

Howling at the moon?

Closing my eyes now, hoping for sleep to come soon…

#4 Poetry – Identity of I (2011)

Identity is not what I promise others

Identity is what I do when I am alone

Identity is what I think of others

Knowing all the hatred they’ve shown


Identity is what every wound reminds me

Identity is what I learn and what I pass by

Identity is what I see in the mirror

After giving my best try


Identity is what I make out of my given chance

Identity is what I accept and what I deny

No one else has control over me

Life is about me, and what I identify

#3 POETRY – A Sunday, when you need it (2011)

All you want is a week off

All you get is a Sunday,

When you need it!


All you want is your whole class to befriend you

All you get is one person, who always listens to you,

When you need it!


All you want is to be the most interesting person alive

All you get is one lovable idiot, who makes you feel like one,

When you need it!


All you want is to top your class with flying colours

All you get is that short and sweet one minute lead,

When you need it!


All you want is everything good in this world all at once

All you get is something better part by part,

All you have to do is to close your eyes,

All you have to do is cherish what you get,

All you have to make is the best out of it,

Because it is a Sunday, which comes once a week,


When you need it!