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Tissue by Stuart Wahlin

If you think about all those amazing things you can find on the internet when you’re not really looking for anything in particular you will be surprised. Stuart Wahlin‘s short film Tissue, made for Colchester Film Festival is on of those rare pieces which have a lot more to offer than what appears on the surface.

The competition provides you with a title to the film which can be interpreted in any way; one line of dialogue and an action. There is a limit to the duration and the film is supposed to be completed in just 60 hours. For this entry the line given was “I’ve seen what happens to people like you” and the action was  someone dropping a torch.

I think a short film can be deciphered in many ways. And more than often, the interpretation of a viewer can be totally different from that of the maker. When you attempt to tell a story in such a small time, every element in the frame does matter. I think the film has a subliminal message that the night is darkest before the dawn. Not given in a grand sense of things but in a very personal, semi-autobiographical manner. And that’s why, the use of torch holds utmost significance.

I really appreciate the tracking shot which kind of depicts the solitude the writer has created for himself. I write myself and I know many who do it as a profession and I think this one shot of less than 2 seconds tells us a lot about the character.

Also, the main character played by North Roberts has an interesting habit of keeping a pen in his uppermost buttonhole. And that comes handy towards the end. The attention to such details can really make the film believable.

When asked to speak more about the backstory of the film the director mentioned that he wasn’t too satisfied when he was given the title of the film. He wasn’t sure if the film could be completed without any certainty of cast and crew. Yet towards the end, things turned out positively and the film was produced.

I am not a fan of a lot of constrains when making a film. Film making is a tough job and it has its challenges anyway. But making a film in 60 hours including writing, shooting and editing it is a commendable job. Some of the director’s work is available over here including the award winning web series, Hand of Glory.

As a fellow film maker, I believe it is important to appreciate the genuine work of others. If you like his work, go like the Facebook page and do spread the word!